Digesting the Apocalypse: Eschatology Sauces

The set of Eschatology Sauces is generated from eschatological narratives of  possible world endings. This OpenSauce concept was created for the Nightmares of Humankind conference organized by the Academy of Sciences Prague. It was quite exciting to watch what will come out of this sauce experiment and how would the generated recipes correspond to our stereotypical notions related to various religions and beliefs. We prepared five Eschatology Sauces and let the audience decide about the taste. Findings? The Christ Sauce made of parsley, spinach, avocado, herbs of provencal, and green pepper had a bitter aftertaste. The Buddha Sauce was mild and cuddly; the Moses Sauce rich and saturating (a lot of Hokkaido pumpkin). The Vishnu Sauce would be a great snack for kids, with a recipe made of white beans, chickpeas, parmesan cheese, lime juice and a slice of banana. The Muhammad Sauce was spicy; with some red beans, chili, and plenty of red wine (!). Some brave spectators from the audience even offered their stomach as a „communication interface“, ordering a HotKarot with mixed sauce. Reportedly, the flavor of Muhammad-Christ Sauce was „surprising“.

Some pictures from the Eschatology Sauce serving are available here.