Bucharest Sauces

Another kind of StorySauces are for example those Bucharest Sauces, which we created for the occasion of Street Delivery festival 2014, where we were invited by Czech Centre Bucharest. There are three kinds of Bucharest Sauces: before we came to Romania, we asked our Czech friends to write down some messages for the Bucharest locals, we brought those tidings all the way along with us, and than turned them into the OpenSauces on our Street Delivery stall. The nature of those Czech→Romanian messages varied greatly: Sorin encouraged Romanians to wake up, Eliska just wanted to tell them that they are simply great, Honza described a dream he had that may had been about them, Bara and Jan recommended to cultivate their land and Tereza with Lubomir shared a story about a Romanian shepherd they met a long time ago.

The second part of Bucharest Sauce mixology began at the Strada Arthur Verona, the main Street Delivery venue. We offered the visitors to taste the messages from our fellow Czech countrymen, but we wanted to get something in return. And so we asked the Bucharest locals to send their messages to Czech people in exchange…and they did! We got for example a note from Amina, or from Bruno & Quido, our brave companions who were helping us at the stall all the time throughout the festival. With Bucharest Sauces, we simply took on the role of high-tech carrier-pigeons , and developed an intercultural food-networking exchange.

Here are some captures from the Street.

During our stay in Romania, we also spent a few days traveling around the country, gathering our very own impressions of local landscape, culture and habits. We then wrote those remarks down and generated a special edition of sauces out of them. Our eventual goal was to make a truly „local“ OpenSauce cookbook (and sell it and become insanely rich), but the Universal wheel of fortune meant it otherwise: during our track along the black sea cost, some supposedly keen sauce lover stole us all the notes we had so far sampled, along with all our other stuff. So we just remained naked on the sea cost. Soon after, though, we realized that it was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to us. Nakedness gets people closer. Not only we got to know each other from a very new point of view, we also developed a deep – and literally corporeal – relationship with the East Romanian countryside: we hitchhiked all the way back to Bucharest, slept at the grasslands, shared our food with local „wild“ dogs, walked to the orthodox and catholic churches for water, took a rest in Mangalia mosk, and got terribly sunburned. So after all, we eventually managed to sample a fair amount of ingredients for the cookbook.

Coming soon!