HotKarot Riot

HotKarot Riot is a food sonification project giving our carrots a voice. We measure a carrot’s bioelectric resistance [ohm value] and translate the sound frequencies into colour frequencies [RGB] corresponding to the ingredients in the OpenSauce cookbook. Resistance is a sound, sound is a color, color is an ingredient. Resistance is a sauce, sauce is a resistance. And you can eat it.

HotKarot Riot was first performed at the Enter: Biopolis Art/Sci/Tech Biennale, resulting in the Enter Sauce [full soundrack here].

Other Riots:

Multiplace festival [Multiplace Sauce]
Tranzit Display gallery
Babel Camp Brno [tasted like that]
A carrot jam with the Lithuanian mantracore band Alaverdi. A stage gig in Cross Club Prague ended with a Lithuania Sauce. [+ on another note]

Here is a riot snapshot from our studio and here is another one. Some prototype.