Bucharest Sauces

Bucharest Sauces were designed for the Street Delivery festival Bucharest [RO]. We prepared three different Sauce sets.

First, before coming to Romania, we asked some Czechs to write down a message for Bucharestians. Enacting the role of food delivery pigeons, we brought those stories to the festival, turned them into OpenSauces and served them to locals at our Street Delivery stall. The sauces varied in flavor: Sorin’s recipe encouraged Romanians to „wake up“, Honza described a dream about Bucharest he might have possibly had, Bara and Jan recommended to cultivate Romanian land, Tereza with Lubomir shared a story about a Romanian shepherd they met a long time ago, Eliska said that Romanians are simply the best.

The second part of Bucharest Sauce mixology began at the Strada Arthur Verona, the main Street Delivery venue. We offered the festival visitors the option to taste the messages from our fellow Czechs, and asked them to respond back – with a sauce. Here is a sauce message from Amina; this is what Bruno & Quido were thinking about.

Here are some more pictures.

Third part. During our stay in Romania, we spent a few days traveling around the country, gathering impressions of the local landscape. Our goal was to write these observations down, outsauce them, and make a truly local traveller’s cookbook (and sell it and make enough money to buy some food other than carrots). The Universe meant otherwise, though. During our trek along the Black Sea coast, some keen sauce lover took away all our cookbook notes (along with all the other possessions we had at that time). We remained naked on the sea cost which, as it later turned out, was the best thing that could have ever happened to us. We hitchhiked all the way back to Bucharest, slept in the woods, shared our food with local dogs, walked to orthodox churches for water, stayed in Mangalia’s mosque, and got terribly sunburned. We managed to recollect ourselves and our notes, and the cookbook eventually got published.

We’re still poor and not famous, but happy.