The key element here is a cooked carrot stacked into a wholegrain bread roll, this combination being served with a collaboratively created sauce - the so called OpenSauce. The sauce is always technologically mediated, taking an advantage of open source code and/or collective power of online crowd. All the ingredients of HotKarot & OpenSauce snack are approached as raw data, the recipe making and cooking then resemble a process of data interpretation or even data mining. The ingredients are derived from online data streams flowing through various social media platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook, as well as from the biodata circulating in the body of carrot itself. The users/eaters always intervene in the process: sometimes consciously contributing to the recipe creation, sometimes involuntarily, without even knowing that they are involved.

HotKarot & OpenSauce project thus aims to expand the discursive limits that are inscribed in the phenomenon of food consumption, while trying to define the possible position of gastronomy within current technoculture. The idea is to merge the social habits related to the area of eating, cooking, dieting or digesting with those linked to the field of online networking. "We are, what we eat" seems to be a timeless true; "we are, what we share online" seems to be one of the most blatant trues of current times. Connecting food and technology is therefore logical and, in a sense, natural act that allows us to share our personalities directly from our bowels, the ultimate prototype of shared "social stomach" representing the most profound kind of communication.

To achieve this, we first need to downplay the pre-existing borders and fill the liminal fields located "in between" with new, fresh content. HotKarot & OpenSauce is one of the first steps in this journey, and it's the one that takes the very act of play rather seriously...it's a child of burgeoning "post-everything" culture of hybrids and mashups, a cute mutant transgressing the entrenched boundaries, it's a fast food, a DIY experiment, a geeky cheeky hack, a local grassroots initiative, a vegetable conspiracy...and quite surprisingly, it's edible.

To get a clearer idea of what is it all about, dig deeper into the single projects description.



Opensauce.cz is an open source recipe platform, which allows the HotKarot cravers to program the sauces according to their personal taste. The interface allows virtually anyone to join the HotKarot & OpenSauce project, create new sauces and rate or even edit the already existing ones. However, it's not just a mere recipe book what we have here, as the recipe creation occurs in a kind of multi-sensorial style. Every ingredient in the OpenSauce archive is assigned with a unique color and sound value, and the way of thinking about food therefore enters a wholly new level of complexity. You can follow the traditional path and add a "proved" sauce recipe that you've already tested, or rather let the serendipity to be the chef and create an entirely new beta-sauce based on its color or sound composition.

OpenSauce Zen

Each ingredient in OpenSauce is inscribed with unique color value, corresponding with its actual color (generated simply by means of suitable Google picture and dropper tool). Each recipe with its specific amount of ingredients therefore resembles a colorful mandala-like structure. However, to reach the balanced state of "gastro Zen", there is also a musical add-on in each sauce structure. The color values of all ingredients are further inscribed with a particular sound frequency, transforming each recipe into a peculiar noise-music composition. So it's really not just the taste what matters in OpenSauce; quite contrary, it's a comprehensive techno-emotional cuisine what's on menu.

HotKarot Riot

HotKarot Riot is a performative project based on a convergence of HotKarot Sonification and OpenSauce Zen features. Within the process of carrots peeling, their sonified bioelectric resistance is being converted into the unique color values, those being further transformed into the single sauce ingredients listed in the OpenSauce recipe book. This project is motivated by the idea of anti-anthropocentric denial of human as a supreme being, in this case a "supreme chef" who creates the sauce recipe. As all the ingredients stem out of the carrots inherent biovalue - its bioelectric resistance frequency - the carrots actually overtake the chef's role, being in control of the whole process of recipe creation. The partaking humans are involved only as mere workers - peeling, listening to the computer generated sound, watching the algorithm converting it into the single sauce ingredients, then cooking the real HotKarot & OpenSauce snack and finally swallowing the carrots resistant speech.

Hotkarot Sonification

The sonification kit is made out of arduino platform, pure data software and carrots. Carrots biosignals play a crucial role here: during the process of carrots peeling, their bioelectric resistance is being measured and subsequently turned into sound frequencies. The peeler tool works as a connector here, closing the whole techno-veggie electric circuit. The carrots itself become a musical instrument producing a spectacular bio-techno music.

Eat Your Tweet

The idea of abstracting from the food as a matter of "mere" taste is further developed in the Eat Your Tweet project. Here, the simple word analysis of tweets published under the particular hashtag is performed, transforming the single words into an algorithm, which is then mapped onto the OpenSauce color spectrum to generate the ingredients for eventual recipe. A real organic sauce is thereby being cooked from inherently anorganic data - the tweets. Everyone who is visiting some event and tweets under its official twitter hashtag becomes, more or less unintentionally, part of the HotKarot & OpenSauce cooking process.